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Several years ago there was a moment when many people stated: in Facebook era a customized website is history. Soon after that social media platforms started to upgrade their services offering more publicity options, and music niche started to fill up with platforms (Reverbnation, Bandzoogle etc.) which allowed artists to run their pages using these platforms. However, when you think of your product, service or art from the business perspective, one of the first things that come up to your mind probably is the first impression. Well… what kind of first impression can you create leading your potential clients/fans to the place which partly looks like any other place being used by half of the world?

Website is your virtual suit, hairdo, manicure, perfume... - That’s your virtual outfit, business card - a huge part of the first impression what usually stays in a very strong memory for a long time. Website is the home for your business, creativity, lifestyle which should stand out and create a feeling that it needs to be visited again. This does not necessarily mean you need to have a fancy design and super impressive high tech feature platform. It means that the website needs to represent the most important part of you - individuality.


As I love everything creative, productive and educational, so I realized I’m interested to do something else besides music. And I also needed websites for my band and for myself. One step at a time and you’re able to read this page as well as cruise through my latest work below.


I can write lyrics for your song, sing your lyrics to your song, compose and record a song for you, give a producer touch to your song, go on tour with you… whatever the need or combination is - I’m interested to dig into it, make a creative difference and add the value to a piece we may come up with.

Please see a couple songs below reflecting my vocal abilities and feel free to head over to the music page for more!


Creating music is something what makes my world a better place. I get inspired any time I pick up the guitar or keep developing that humming melody what just popped up in my mind. During the last 10 years I’ve written music for some short movies, commercials, as well as fueled musical engines of any musician collective I’ve ever been a part of.

Check out a couple of samples here or head over to the music page to get more!


My recording experience leans back to 2005 when I started using a simple Sony tape recorder. Experiments with a Danelectro distortion pedal connected to my home PC was the next level which somehow worked and I made my first recording with an electric guitar. After a couple years my band got into the "real studio" (that was just the same home environment but with a drum kit) and I kind of got addicted to that place. During the recording process sometimes I get even more creative than any time else which has ended up with many tracks being reproduced right on the spot.

In 2012 it was a huge honor to record an album together with Brian Carlstrom. This was one of the most important months of my life so far where I learned how the real recording is done. There are 4 albums, 4 EPs, a bunch of singles and many other tracks under my studio belt as the guitar player, bass player and singer.

Since 2011 I have criss-crossed the US and Europe several times, rocked Russia and explored Japan. Touring is a tough thing to do and certainly not for everybody, however, that’s the most effective school on this planet you may ever wish to attend. I love music, I’m a quick learner and I enjoy playing the guitar. Drop me a line and let’s make some magic!


There are so many ways how to write lyrics, however, many times it can become not the most easy task to do. I am pretty lucky to have an ability to produce texts as soon as I’m hit with the subject or just a simple thought. Look through my work here and let’s take it from there.



I’ve been somewhere, done something. I’ve learned some lessons and gained experience. Eventually - I know some people around the world. I can help to get you going and discover what touring is all about, but before that you may want to read some tips, advices and a basic summary of the music business.

P.s. If you are the “best up and coming band out there” which has 123,456 Facebook followers and barely 10 likes on every 5th post
or your band once toured some neighbor state/country and you’re demanding “at least some noticeable” income per show –
I can’t help you.