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 Here you’ll find the summary of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned on and off the stage, in the recording studio, rehearsals and during some business meetings along the way. In this section I will also post articles relevant to music business subject.




About music business

  1. “Music business” is a common expression which consists of two terms: the first one has nothing to do with the second and vice versa, however, none of them can survive alone.

  2. Music without the character, individuality and passion is just another sound out of billions of other sounds no one cares about. Meanwhile, outstanding talent without a promotion is a dark star in the space.

  3. There is no one out there looking specifically for you, your band and your music. The world is already full of talents who are way better than you in any way you can imagine, and it does not need anyone else. What the world needs, however, is a story to relate to (character), an inspiration to look up to (individuality) and a hero (passion) to follow.

  4. As any other business, the one related to music has a simple goal: to make money. This “making" is an actual sales process when you as an artist/band and your craft are being sold. It has nothing to do with understanding and caring about your emotions, feelings, struggles, fears, moods, abilities, home and family conditions and other insignificant stuff.

  5. There is only one thing in this niche that will cement your as a musician’s professional foundation on emotional, mental and physical, as well as musical levels: long and intensive touring.

  6. If you still want to do this, remember: reputation, faith in yourself, patience, persistence and ability to adapt is everything.

About bookings and touring

  1. Booking is a service which provides your band an opportunity to play at a certain venue on a certain date. Booking has nothing to do with promotion, advertising, accommodation, catering or other services related to touring and traveling.

  2. “Tour” is a term which defines a series of at least 6-8 concerts during one run.

  3. Touring is a hardcore journey which is not survived by 95% of the bands nowadays.

  4. If your tour doesn’t have at least a basic promotion - there will be 10-0 people at your shows.

  5. There are no guarantees per show offered unless you can guarantee a certain amount of people coming out to your every show.

  6. If you want to become a successful artist - you have to tour intensively and persistently. There is no major success story in the world’s music history which was built without years of touring.

(music business) Psychology

  1. Patience, persistence, faith (PPF): these terms need to be tattooed into your subconsciousness. There is a life-changing connection between success, the goal and a constant work.

  2. "Failure" as the happening does not exist. In real life all situations which are defined as failures are lessons you need to learn from and improve yourself as fast as possible. You fail only then when you quit, which is the choice defined by your willingness to do certain things.

  3. Don’t be afraid to face the unknown because that’s the fastest and most effective way how to learn and remember the knowledge for life.

  4. Next time when you say you can’t do something, remember those people with no hands who play the guitar with their feet or the blind and deaf people who graduate universities. Or just remember a 2-3 year old yourself when crawling was the only thing you could do, no one was able to tell you anything, but eventually somehow you managed to walk.

  5. It is always said that it is impossible to know how to act in certain situations, occasions and events if there is no experience beforehand. That is true, however, no one cares about this excuse. Most of the times (not to say - always) any happening you may suddenly become a part of most likely is your first and last chance to do what you have to do. Just remember that.

  6. Music business is said to be one of the most risky kinds of entrepreneurship as it has zero guarantee of success due to people’s opinion, taste and other subjective parameters which tend to change cyclically. Actually there is zero guarantee for anything in life except one occasion: there will never be any success unless the passion, time and work are put in.