This is a project I have been working on for some time and, while still intensively upgrading my virtual home, I'll give you a little insight of what to expect in the future.

I started playing guitar back in 2002 after having spent years behind the piano. I was literally slamming Metallica songs one after another and eventually decided to exchange keyboard to a fretboard. In 2004 I joined a 3 people union, advised to name it Relicseed. Being in a band taught me the beauty of composing and performing music which became my main passion and driving force for life.

Since 2010 Relicseed has been transforming from a no name Latvian band to an internationally touring act. This has been hell of a ride and it all is just getting started, however there is some significant experience and knowledge basis already. Having met so many people and seen different bands around I noticed one thing they all have in common: a need for selfless, unselfish enthusiasm, passion and dreams. Big – the biggest! – dreams fueled by non-compromise attitude and endless, continuous work.

I do a lot of management, PR and communication work but first and foremost I am an absolute riff enthusiast. Nothing is more powerful than a fat, juicy, tasty riff which makes you headbang all by yourself and feel that you have created something what will make a difference. Passion for everything art, music and guitar specifically has brought me around half of the world already and taught a lesson for life: whatever happens – trust yourself. But… this happens to be one of the most difficult tasks one may ever accomplish.

Step by step I`ll fulfill this site with content revealing my everyday activities, management psychology practice, guitar playing and recording updates as well as other stuff you may find useful in one way or another.

I believe that sharing experiences, opinions and visions is one of the most powerful ways to encourage one to develop thyself and progress in whatever sphere or direction. Let`s collaborate, learn from each other and become better in any way we can! Because that`s what it is all about, isn`t it?!